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Tristan has an obsession with his pet tarantula, and frequently makes others frightened and dismayed when he goes into the room with Goliath or demands someone to feed Goliath exactly at midnight while he is gone. (In one scene Laila is mad at Tristan for putting Goliath on her dressing table.) He claims to know the emotional states of Goliath, what he says and what he likes.

He had a forging affinity for liquid matter, more specifically the liquid present in plants. He has no need to pursue study at a school or a tutor because he has no need of it. He makes unique landscape artistry that looks like "the fever dream of a nature spirit," and is unsettling and beautiful. The waiting list to commission him stretches into hundreds, and he ismore popular than ever. He uses his forging talent to make weapons and thoughtful presents for the group.

One of his masterpieces is his Seven Sins Gardens of L'Eden. The garden is wild and jagged and is Tristan's imagination itself, and it is the reason he stays with Séverin. With seven gardens regarding each subject of Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Pride and Envy, he is free to make anything without limits or demand as is usually given to his commissions. Inside the garden of Envy, there is a Tezcat door that looks like an ordinary mirror with gilded ivy leaves on the frame. It unlocks by pinching the fourth gilded leaf from the left side of the frame which then ripples and gradually thins to transparency. It then shows Tristan's workplace.

Tristan's workplace has the scent of earth and roots, and along the walls there are small terrariums with landscapes squeezed into a miniature form. He makes miniature forms because he wishes the world was easier, small and manageable enough to fit in the hollow of one's palm.

He had a "kicked puppy" face which is: widened eyes, pressed-down brows, dimpled chin, and the barest quiver of his bottom lip. Zofia approves of it, and Laila is the most susceptible to it.

He is curious, shy, full of laughter and full of love for all of the group especially for Séverin.

His favorite drink is Hot chocolate, so Laila makes it often for him.

The group is often test subjects to whatever "strange poison" Tristan makes next.

Tristan deeply hates the Order of Babel and Hypnos, refusing to speak to him, but gradually trusts him more and agrees that he is "not so bad"

He has a cramped and slanted handwriting but, strangely enough, is good at faking people's handwriting. However, he hates this practice.

He is the most terrified person of the group, always concerned that they were on the brink of death, always looking for a way out of it. And one would agree that they always were. He is never at ease out of L'Eden.


Tristan is a 16 year old boy who is the youngest in the group but looks younger in the dark. He has wide piercing gray eyes, fair blond hair and a round face with round cheeks which is bright with color and always propped up in a grin. He is described by Séverin as having "a honest face," the kind that "demands trust." He often has dirt smudged on his clothes, a tarantula hid away in his pocket and flowers around him.

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